Count blessings, not problems

For how long I didn't write? Almost forget how to write, to assamble letters into word. To sew words into sentence before ended with a punctuation mark, titik. Tonight, I won the fight against writer's block syndrome! Yay! *evilgreen* So, please say welcome-back to me. Here I tell you my has-been-done, still-doing, to-do things lists during my forever writer's block syndrome :
  • First, I'm currently enjoying my 7th semester. Life starts here. 7th semester is all about time management. Subjects that I took aren't as hard as previous semester but here is the challenge. To finish internship report, seminar, then prepare for TA's proposal. Well, still long journey to pursue  my bachelor's degree #fightfor2013
  • Second, I've finished my internship in Suara Merdeka Press. My internship is about analyze & plan re-engineering for an information system, so simple. Waiting for lecturer for consultation becomes my daily routine. I really wish I could finish my internship report + seminar this month. Go far away from me, distractions!
  • Third, I haven't got any idea for my TA. Congratulate me! :(
  • Fourth, I've finished these thicker-than-Quran books. Don't count the pages, count the effort and tears  to finish it, kidding :P 
  • Fifth, lesson to learn : everytime I trust somebody, they show me I shouldn't. Included FRIENDS or even BEST FRIENDS. Make sure they're true best friends or just friends with benefit. 
  • Last, about my corny yet sweety L-life, hmmm it's been 33 months and still counting. Who thought it would be this long? :)

s u r v i v e d

And thank you for being so supportive thorough these tough weeks, I'm so glad I have you.