If I Could

the reds have nowhere to go. surrounded by the blues, here there and everywhere. watch out, think twice or more. another wrong step would be the worst mistake. the better way is by ending the game and starting the new one. case closed. game over. this is what move-on means.

Manage Me, I'm a Mess

i don't know.
either unable, or not.
sit at a table, facing each other.
do not talk to each other, no regard each other.

others may be aware there is a strange,
but maybe not.
and i will try as if nothing ever happened,
you would too, I'm sure.
die-off of not having direct contact.

secretly wished you would not have come.
for our own good,
or for the sake of kindness to be exact.
don't need to see you look like a far from pleasant but i missed every day.
don't need to hear you laughing, talking.
i was secretly hoping you will not be present later.
so i do not need to act right.
because i know you know i'm not okay.
and will not fine to see you sitting across the table,
laugh, and think that i'm just one of your old friend.


i had a trippy trip to Ambarawa with my super-duper-hyper-better than best friends on monday. first destination was nurul's home sweet home, then we went to Museum Kereta Api Ambarawa for photo session. by the way, for you who is a food culinary lover, if you passed Ambarawa street, you will find sellers along the road who sell traditional food named serabi. it's highly recommended!


most picts shooted by me, so that there isn't much picts of myself. lol

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a Special DIY-Viddie

i made this viddie for my soul-sisters.
woof you to bits & pieces, hey cupcakes!