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Hantu Lawang Sewu

last week i attended an exhibition in lawang sewu with friends,
one of the stand displayed the painting of lawang sewu's ghosts in a room.
you know, lawang sewu is weel known as 'the palace of ghosts'.
sorry i couldn't take all of pictas,
suddenly the camera was turn off
we thought maybe battery was drop
but when we're walking out from lawang sewu,
one of my friend tried to turn on the camera and oh geez!
nothing wrong happened with the camera.
battery was still full.
so what's going on actually?
here are the pictas.
be ready to see!
and dont blame me if 'they' would come to your nitemare.
(tawa setan)


Back With New Look

Hello and hi peeps!
Sorry for not updating my blog, altho i knew no one cares.
You do misse me? dont you?
*i know you are nodding*

finally o finally, i changed my skin!
i knew loads of yooh must be bored wif my oldie skin, ryt?
so did i. hehe
but the major reason why i changed this skin is bcause i got an ass from my teacher as FINAL ASS!
thank you, mr.khanif. without you meybeh my oldie-standard-skin would still alive here :)

actually i have a lot of things to say, but nothing comes out,
so bye!