things happened, shit happened

Hello peeps!
Hello june!
it's already the beginning of june, that's so fast. dont you guys think so?
hukay, things happened, shit happened recently. that's what i'm gonna talkin about!

*skooldays were over*
the long long long hi-skool exams period were over! so, started from may 18th i took intensif snmptn program at Ganesha Operation everyday, 07.00-10.15

*holidays for studying?*
argh. i realized i cant study well at home. firstly, i'll fall a sleep. secondly, there's heck a lot of distractions phone, internet, PC, foods huaaaa.
wht should i do to against these?
*settle on facebook*
due to the solitude on friendster, i moved to facebook. hehe

i rele rele miss my class, padepokan. laughter, long talks, chit-chat, gossip, or even stoopid little fights. hiks
i love you padepokan.
this year
next year
no more!
upps, kidding. forever

*may 22nd-sisterhood gathering*
me, elly, della, indri, and ilham (ups, i shouldnt call it sisterhood )
went to sam poo kong & lawang sewu just for takin photographs, as usual. hehe

*one month to go*

my last batlle is coming up. 4 times rejected doesnt mean i'll give up. no!

but bytheway, i havent decided my choices for snmptn
i think my post is too wordy, sorry!
& bunches of thanks for reading my nonsense hehe
the upcoming events:
13 june-announcement of final exams
15 june-masquerade, the prom nite. will be held on grand candi hotel.
see you there

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