double digits with a 2 in front

Here im going to tell you about my 23rd december. So, I was fell asleep, until woke up by a phone call in the middle of night, after 6 times missed calls. My great day began. R wished me lots of things. It was the 2nd time He woke me up in the early minute of my birthday. Happy hippo hippie! Then my friday run like other ordinary day. In the morning, ibu & bapak saying happy birthday before i went to campus :) Eventhough i just have one class, but those LPJ things always keep my day(ssssss) hectic. Working with people who couldn't work under deadline pressure is extremely crap. The evaluation is on the next day but i haven't made it yet. It was like.. Could've been better or more epic? On the evening, He told me to go to yudith's home, we called it WC (Wisma Ceria) and he attended Liga Jurusan, because he was one of the committee. I'd like to hang out with him in the night, maybe go for dinner or anything. Yudith told me to take a bath and she'll make over me after that. I asked why, she answered that R will invite me to an expensive restaurant for dinner! Riana, Nurul, and Anis came. They're so busy choosing what i should wear haha it's funny how they confused to choose beetwen rok-panjang-yang-kependekan and no one had legging vs terusan-bunga-bunga-warna-pink.

I'm waiting for R to pick me up for about more than an hour. I texted him many times but got no reply. Then suddenly yudith came and told me to sit down in front of tv. There are riana, yudith, nurul, fakhri, rasyed there. They turned off the lamp. I asked why? and also keep asking where's R? But they told me to sit down and watch what's on television.. wait it seems like a video. Yudith sat down beside me. I hug her arm and cant handle my tears from the first to the last minute of that video. R secrectly made it for me. Ah no gifts in the world can compare!!

After it, R suddenly come with Lia and Yola. I cried more and more and rewatched again with R, while all of my friends watched from behind because they didn't want to disturb us hahaha when i keep crying and my hand covered my face, then... taraaaaa! all of the-surprise-crew came with a big birthday cake and they sang happy birthday together. I looked around and there were also puput and lele there.

I also got lots of birthday saying paper from my college friends, seniors, also juniors. R prepared it secretly and perfectly :') Thank you R as the project manager, yudith riana nurul puput lele lia yola fakhri rasyed as the crew, and other stakeholders. I marked it as my best birthday ever. I got all I could ask for and more... Well, almost :) And in the next day i also got another surprise from Anis, Sekar, Anggi & Kominfo. Again, thank you.

So I'm officially 20 years old. Crazy how time blows by. I just stopped thinking about my age in terms of numbers and started looking at myself in terms of my achievement so far. It's time to figure out who I am,what I want to do in my life, what I want to stay the same and what I want to change, and which way I want to go. Happy birthday to me, stay young and TWENTEEN!!

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mi ayam inggris said...

happy birthday (lagi) ya sebeumnya (~'v')~
tapi,what the meaning of 'what I want to stay the same and what I want to change, and which way I want to go' yang? *bingung