Something About Lola

stop talking about school stuffs, exams, and bla bla bla.
okay? my brain is overloaded!
fulled of hundred formulas about matheMAGIC, cheMYSTERY, phySICK (stole your words :p).
oh gawsh!
so let's talk about music and forget about those f*ckin school stuffs for a while :)

akhir-akhir ini saya & temen2 di sekolah lagi kesengsem sama Something About Lola, band indie semarang yang sumpah kereeeeeeeeeeen banget!
sebenernya mayoritas lagu SAL tu musik neraka yang bikin kepala nyut-nyut *you know what i mean*
tapi di album RED TOWN EP ada 2 lagu akustikan,
The Best Part of Writing a Song is to Name it &
Majesty's secret Service
nah ini nih yang paling saya demen!
liriknya nampol abis, inggrisnya jago pula!
hope i can see their concert soon

something about lola

The Best Part Of Writing A Song Is To Named It
We're off of the same old things
Never looking back to the good ol' days
Seeking out another path of dreams
Crossing through the millions Roman's ways
We're stand up for honesty
But first time they met: nobody would never listened to me!!!
Set time machine,pull back the memory
You're the best gift ever to me
And it takes so hard to let it go

You're: my favourite December
And I'm: January
but we're both on the same calendar
Take a time,change for attire
They already gone And they already gone


From the Atlas City, I send the word to your stereo
Cause my tongue was always slipped to tell you everything about what you should know
Pick the pictures of you and him, that make me looks like mysteries
No I won't stop talking,
I won't stop walking I'd save my day, stealing for another chance..
This loaded gun can't waiting
Yeah I know and you know
We still have a time bomb called "him"

Stay tonight.... I won't let this worst live forever
Well it's not good enough, but you can't live without
And I believe I'd get the better shots/
and I'd not going to scream out loud to you
I'd save my day for another chance..

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Hanyalah Bonus said...

hahahaha wah sama ni~
kebetulan juga lagi suka sama SAL~
lho? ada yang akustik ta?
aku malah dengernya yang normal~
*ketinggalan jaman berarti aku*

:)) oia! salam knal! (haiah!)