deeply frustrated

i feel so dumb & stoopid
i failed myself
i hate myself for putting a happy face around you, around them
but the truth is i'm crying inside
but i have to put it together!
i failed
i failed for university entrance tests.
not once.
but this is the second time.
i failed both on UNDIP & UGM.
i'm in the lowest point of my life
when the high point comes around?
i'm no more than an useless daughter who cant make my parents proud of me.

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tiw said...

there's a time where we are in the lowest point of spirit.
feel so dumb.
feel useless.
as i am now.
showing smile,
but keep tears inside.
but remember..
if we dont make a move.
start from now.
we'll be dumber and more useless.
so, cry today.
and fight tomorrow!
good luck for you.
and me too.

hope for the unsoed result.

iffa shofia said...

thanks thanks thanks wi :)
i wish i could have big spirit like you..
still hope the best for our unsoed result,
2 weeks more :)

anggarda diajeng said...

idup kan kayak roda.
kadang di bawah.
kadang di atas.
mungkin awalnya kita berada di bawah.
tp nanti pasti ada saat2 kejayaan kita.
sista sabar yaa :)
terus berdoa nd usaha!
never tired to try :)

sasri said...

hello miss I,
after read your writing i remembered about one song from Good Morning Everyone titled : "Cheers Up, We Have Chance !"
like what it titled, i just want to say cheers up !
because no more cheers up, hardwork will be ended.
don't care about all things which is betray you.
i know you can !

be ready, doctor. hehe :)