Special Gift from Someone Special

so yesterday was our day and definitely hedon day! fyi, celebrate it has been our routinity :)
we watched muvee together, then had steak for dinner at WS sampangan, after that we went to kota lama, enjoyed the night view there with it's vintage atmosphere, having chit-chat, joking, laughing and.. wishing *only us & God who knows our wishes* :)

then suddenly he told me that he was thirsty. he asked me to buy a glass of iced tea, not so far from there. then when i back, i saw he was hiding something behind his bag. i walked and walked closer to him, then taraaaaaaa! i was shocked to the max seeing him hold something, a thing that made me breathless, speachless, wordless. we chased each other. i run to him, he was smiling and laughing and keep holding that 'something'. you know what, that 'something' is holga CMY 120! :)

what a big surprise! i've told to you, bloggy that i want lomo camera so muchies esp holga multicolour. i've told it hundreds time maybe. aaaaah it's the best surprise ever! :) he took candid photo of me when i run into him with my shocked face hahaha. he drape the holga around my neck, he convinced me that i wasn't dreaming, he convinced me that our biggest dream: havin holga, not only a dream anymore but it becomes reality! i just cant stop smiling, i cant stop saying thanks and thanks and thanks to him. after i woke up from unconscious condition *lebay*, we go around kota lama and took some picts around gereja blenduk, of course with holga! can't wait to see the result! :)

this is what i've been dreamed since i was on senior high school, but make it true seems so impossible for me. when i told him about lomography, he also excited & interested & falling for holga multicolour at the first sight. we decided to buy it together and each of us must save 10 thousand rupiahs a week. whenever and wherever we are, we always talk about holga holga holga and holga. our friends called us freak hahaha every night we stayed awake just for browsing any informations about holga and disscussed it together on facebook chat. we shared links that we've found, threads on kaskus that sell holga, blogs that containing the result of holga, some online stores on facebook that sell holga, or even people's deviantart hahaha but before we started to save our money to buy our holga hemh... he made that big surprise for me :)

did you notice that i put too many ":)" smiley here there and everywhere? did you notice that? hehe it reflects my feeling a looooooootssss :)))

hoaaaa i think i should end this before i blabber much much more.
thanks for keep staying here. ciao!

happy two months anniv :)

4 gossip(s):

tiw said...

sikasikasikkk... hehe!!! congrats!! makan2nya belom sampe aku, nanti kalo balikin perahu kertas sekalian yaa :D

HдиdЯeèツ ЪЯoWиSouNd♠ said...

nice cam.

Natasya L.C.D said...

pasti seneng banget kak.. hehehe.. warna biru sama kuningnya.. so nice kak..

antiik said...

lomonya mirip banget kayak di kaosku faaaa hehehe :D