Weekend is Ended

@campina home, purwokerto

had a short trip to cilacap-purwokerto for 3 days with besties & cousins. sunday suddenly turned to full-scheduled day. went to teluk penyu on morning, then visited Benteng Pendem on afternoon till evening, and the tiring day ended with hang out till night with my cousins. what a day! i was getting darker and darker! omfg! cilacap is so HOOOOOT and it's really annoying! though semarang is the hottest city ever, but i'm wrong. on monday we went to purwokerto, a small city near cilacap. walked along street with nurul & faikar, visited some distros & bag shops that spreads along the street around unsoed. then while waiting for the travel that picked us up on 15.00 we went to campina home for ice cream.

look! my wide smile means i'm good, i'm great, i'm in happy mood. i love my life lately. oldies are good. he is good, we are good. big family is good. best friends are good. friends are good. people around me are good. and that's because God is good. alhamdulillah. i want this good feeling would stay longer. amin

got to go.
thanks for staying here,
your comment will make my day.

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mi ayam inggris said...

wejian aksion sotoshopnya dikeluarin terus ya beh.sayang kamu lah.melebihi sayang ane sama tempe tahu,sambel bawang,mendoan cilacap,sepatu nike aku,jimbronku,mioku,pacarku,*hloh??
bebeh hasu hasuuu.yeah