one zero zero one one one

the 365th day, the 12th month, the first year. oh wait, i should put 'it supposed to be' in the beginning of this post, shouldn't i? looked back at the good old times, those memories popping around my mind. this time, i do really know what's my blog's title actually means - Memories never come back, it's out of sight but not out of mind. call me bad on forgetting, call me bad on letting go, call me bad on moving on, call me weak, it's all up to you. if those are subjects, i bet my score would be E.

dear Allah,

You work in mysterious ways. the most hurting pain, uncountable tears, long-lasting sadness brought me to be stronger. Thank You for always being there for me, listen to every single of my prays, my sighs. You are the place where i find nobody to talk to. Gusti Allah mboten sare, these words belong to You, really :) also thanks for giving me so-called soul sisters :) thanks and thanks and thanks! zillions of thanks wouldn't enough, Allah :)

dear soul-sisters,

let me say thank you so muchies for lend me shoulders to cry on, for gave me loads of advices, also for the warmest hugs. i remembered how care you all to me when i'm in the lowest point of life, until now. you know me so well, you really do. you really know what i feel, although i haven't told anything. you are mood boosters, smile makers, pain healers, you are better than the best. having you around me is one of the best thing in my life. i know you don't need your names here to know how much i love you all, right? xxxooo

dear you,

haha dunno what to say, too much to say actually :P let's waving hands to binary rules and say "see you 90 years later" . never imagine before how things could change just like now. although we a'int meant to be and the word 'forever' is over, but these butterflies are still here. they haven't gone yet. i've told them to go away, but they won't. they thought that here is their place. sorry for keeping these butterflies :( always put you on my prayer list, wishing you all of the best since i know i.. might.. be.. not.. your.. best :)

so this is my first post after inactive period, and this post is requested by you. ehh err stop stop.. i'm running out of words ha-ha!

ps :

this post is supposed to be posted 12 days ago.

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