i'm moving, but not leaving

i find it hard at making decision between two big choices which is having it's bad points and good points. also has it's consequences. some people told me to stay, others told me not to. too fast to decide. i should have more time to think twice and more before saying yes to this, and no to that. i'd love to be here or there, but.. but.. i'm not be able to blablabla but i'd love to be there.. blahs. brainstorm attack. after 3 days full of thinking and asking advices from here, there, and everywhere, bismillah.. i've already had my own decision.

time flies
the last chapter came to an end
and the 91th would be my last post.
i'd love to stay, i'd love to learn more and improve my skill here,

welcome, new chapter.
i know it'll be much harder than the last.
but whatever it's, the truth is..

i'm moving, but not leaving.

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Hans Brownsound ツ said...

what the hell happening to ya?