hello holiday!

peeps on picts:

this picts taken on last friday, one day after the-damned-exam-days-over.
while waiting for muktamar meeting on evening, we 'celebrated' our free day together ha-ha!
girls doing crazyness @ kosan Anis, dance, sing, & make some idiotic video.
suddenly those 2 boys came & joined with us, dan suasana semakin rusuh.
we looked happy outside, but in fact? hahaha definitely not :p
all of exams, all of subjects, from first day till the last has pissed.me.off.
keep crosssing my fingers, wish the best for my first IP.
forget about exams,
the long holiday is coming up! yay!
i've made some plans for my holiday, included keliling dunia hihihi
got to go, still have some projects to be done.
happy sunny sunday! :)

kadang orang yang keliatannya lagi seneng ,ceria, ketawa, mungkin cuma lagi berusaha nutupin kesedihannya.
and so do i.

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