quick midnight post.
sorry for lack of upadates & now i come back with bad news.

about few hours ago, i'm feeling yah not good-and not bad. i was doing photo editing, trying how to use Actions on photoshop which downloaded last afternoon. a friend of mine told me that the mark of TI (teknologi informasi) and LI (logika informatika) have been announced. then i tried to checked on SIYUDI- Sistem Informasi Yudisium (http://himakom.ilkom.undip.ac.id/siyudi), inputted username & password, then.. DANG!
i got C for LI. i was shocked. suddenly my mood turned gloomy, dark, arrggh! again, i met thing named failure! i'm dying not to cry, but i can't. i'm afraid i'll make my parents disappointed. i haven't told them about this.. i'm afraid :(
it's just like... i had a nightmare, so scary. tried to wake up, but i couldn't. because this is the reality, this is a fact that i should face. but then i feel better, even just.. a bit. R always supports me, and his silly jokes worked well. i was entertained. by the way, on the other side i feel happy, why? R got good marks on all of subjects! he did it! proud proud proud =3

there are 3 more subjects which haven't been announced yet, english, matriks-transformasi linear & indonesia. trying to keep as optimistic as well. people say, there is always a good news after bad news, will it be? hope i'll tell you the good news on next post ya.. amin *fingercrossed*

see you,

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tiw said...

cheer up, dear!! i have a C too in my semester result. is there any remedial test or anything you can do to make it good?? i do SP to fix my bad result. wish you luck!!

HдиdЯeèツ ЪЯoWиSouNd♠ said...

i see.
thats all the reason?

yeah, got C on result is sooo damn nasty! (i got one this semester)
but atleast we didn't get D ryt?

"there's no less in this world, just forgot to thankful"

*sok tau.

ippaparazzi said...

nope, no SP, no remedial test :(
yeah thanks for your support my dear! wish you luck too!

hahaha emang bener ya, nyemangatin orang laen emang gampang, tp nyemangatin diri sendiri susahnya ampun-ampunan. noh buktinya kamu tuh,
sok-sok ngasi quote ky gitu, PADAHAL..