Out of the Orbit

i'm not the one who had much experiences in love life, i mean in a relationshit status for several times so that i'm not well experienced about this one hehe but from novels i've read, films i've watched which exactly based on love stories i can conclude that a love story had a cycle. from nothing to everything then back into nothing.

stranger-friend-best friend-in love-broken hearted-hater-enemy-stranger

that's the cycle of the most love life *included me. lol*. everything starts from zero. you don't know who he is and so doesn't he. after both of you know each others, you two become friends and maybe getting closer and closer. friend grows up into close friend or best friend or besties or yah whatever you name it lah, it's one step higher than just a friend and one step closer to love ha-ha! nah, i think this is one of the hardest part when you finally realized that you had different feel for your best friend. you are in crossroad between loving is always owning: keep moving forward to fight your love and love isn't always owning so that you'd better to keep your friendship. some choose the first option: keep moving forward to fight love. best friends turn into in a relationship. i used to believe that everything has ups and downs side, so that love life. when your love journey comes to an end, this is what we called broken hearted. you've been hurted so damn, crying inside and outside. you are trying to show your mask face by smiling, but sometimes it doesn't work. don't worry, remember that your bestest friends are always beside you with their shoulder to cry on and told you that everything's gonna be alright :')

hater-enemy-stranger. well actually i don't like those three words. sounds not good to listen. maybe my cycle is currently stuck among those three. hater? enemy? or back into stranger? i don't know *sigh*. hater? oh c'mon how could i hate you???!! how hurt this pain allows me to hate you more and i've tried how to hate you. i keep trying and trying but i can't! i can't hate you, even just.. a bit. enemy? i give up for being a hater and also enemy. you are still with your zippered mouth and unreadable mind. you acted like you don't care and i did too. the fact is i care too much i think too much but i pretend like i give you no attention. we both still keep our silence, until.. yesterday. i wonder why my cycle doesn't rotate as it's orbit. some parts are lost. so, where is me? you? us? time doesn't have mouth, but it will answer everything.

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tiw said...

and i'm just a kid. i know that cycle but i dont want to involve. i'm stuck. being more than best friend but not even a lover. thought, i'd fight for it but afraid breaking it up.
and so.. stuck! an open relationship.