Two Days to Go

taking my self out of the radar for the last two weeks. call me the bird on golden cage, but somehow i feel better when i find myself alone on my comfy room with those thick highschool-books on my hand and no one bothers me. if you thought it was about an obsession, then you're probably wrong, note that! welcoming wednesday with fulled spirit and shouted 'i'm ready! i'm ready to get my sweet escape!' GOD, please..

2 gossip(s):

HдиdЯeèツ ЪЯoWиSouNd♠ said...

aduh, adekku monyong sekali.
gudluck snmptnnya dek!!

ippaparazzi said...

itu lg akting bete bete ah gitu ceritanya :P
SNMPTN is over hohoho