simple posting

sorry for leaving you alone for about 2 weeks , my blog .
kinda busy lately . actually , i have some stories to blog , but i didn't have any time to post it .
maybe tomorrow .

well , i just have little time now , haven't took a rest yet . i get tired . today is started with go to school on 05.45 for additional lesson , and then took course on GO after school .yess , now i'm a student of GANESHA OPERATION lamper , class : 3 ipa 31 , day : tuesday , friday . MEET ME THERE ;)
me and my bestie , nina went to KFC after school for lunch by nina's car . nd you know ? She treated me ! omaigoat ! thank you ninuunn . after that , we went to GO . today , we got physic and english . after course , nina carried me to my home . once more , tons of thankies to you , ninuun !!!! i love youu ;) semoga tambah langgeng sama dimazmu yaaaa !
jangan pernah kau biarkan aku sendirii nin !! tanpamu aku gga sanggup mengahadapi teman2 les kita yang alay2 itu . haha

that's all . see you later !


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Tha..^^ said...

Hi from Pontianak :)

Anonymous said...

kka pengen jadi writer y?

banyak banget tulisannya?

aku bingung mau baca yang mn?

keep writing kka!!!

Anonymous said...

writting nya salah