Always Forget to Forget You


it's saturday night. cloudy outside my room, pretty cold.
i'm here, alone with this lappy. has just opened my favourite folder ever: padepokan the best-est, that saved thousands photos, thousands memories with them, my sisters & brothers.

again, i miss you my silly witty crazy padepokan ;(
sorry people & my dear blog, i couldnt stop sayin this feeling, couldnt stop make a post about them, couldn't stop tell you a story about our perfect friendship. i'm sorry. maybe you are bored, but i'm not.
i love wasting time in front of my lappy/pc just for viewing our pictas, just like what i'm doing here, now.

these are some photographs we made together when buber (buka bersama) at sasri's home.
one evening after one month being separated.
full of laugh and stupid jokes, as usual.
we shared everything, about our new friends, new college, all.
from OSPEK stories to horror stories.

"sudah malam apa sudah tau?"

a simple sentence but still stucked in my mind.
hiiii spooky :O
(sorry if you dont get what i mean, only us who know xp)

btw, looky! everybody looked so happpppppy!

brads & sists, i'll always cross my fingers, pray for our success.
good luck, may Allah always besides us.

see you around, in other round :)

2 gossip(s):

HдиdЯeèツ ЪЯoWиSouNd♠ said...

wohoho. reunian sambil buka bareng yoo? manteb deh. aku jugaaa.
kalo uda ngumpul sama temen2 sma emang ga ada matinya. moga temen2 smaku gak habis ditelan gempa di padang sana. :c

Gogo Caroselle said...

dont apologize for something you treasure, hunny....

seneng yah, nostalgia.. they look like a great friends and indeed very happy.. lucky you :)