Friends Always Gonna be Arround

hello to you & happy holiday everybody!
you know what? i got 4 days for holiday, started from thursday till sunday. geez! that's what i'm waiting like forever: HOLIDAY!
perhaps i could meet my hi-skool friends this weekend. i miss them so so good, especially my gossipgirls.
see y soon! *hope*

these are my last photo session, girls sleepover @ Yudith's home sweet home on wednesday-thursday with my-here-there-and-everywhere (as usual): Riana, yudith, nurul, puput.watta great day

and also check this, photo session with my classmates after TI class on friday.
i'm not in the mood for writting long corny chessy stories here. some picts are enough to tell you what's going on. hehe *bilang aja males*
so forgive me for all of my shotta post. and i should end this by saying
Happy Ied Mubarok! Enjoy your dishes!

i'm happy :)

2 gossip(s):

HдиdЯeèツ ЪЯoWиSouNd♠ said...

friends always gonna be arround. wakakaka. sampai detik ini aku gak bisa lepas dari teman2 sma loh. :D sampai2 tiket pulang-pun mereka yang nyariin. hehehe.

ippaparazzi said...

really? dibayar berapa temen2mu? hahaha
postingan yg ini kan tentang temen2 kuliahku, kok kamu gak nyambung gini sih -__-