There is not Always a Bright Side on the Top of Tunnel

berani bermimpi itu sama halnya dengan berani jatuh cinta. berani jatuh cinta berarti berani sakit hati. berani bermimpi berarti berani mencicipi manisnya kegagalan.

starting from now, stop dreaming for something stupid. stop expecting unexpected things. stop hoping too high. just go with the flow, and everything will be okay & better. better than how's your feeling when you meet something called failure. maybe you just need a few second to make a wish, wish for your great great dream. but needs long long long times for stop blaming yourself if you failed. i've ever felt it, and still..
hv you ever felt broken-hearted?when somebody, your gf/bf broke your heart, your sky turn into gray, and everything falls into pieces. then, can you tell me how hurt it is?
it's same with my past. when my big biggest biggestest dream has flew away.
jauh lebih dari sakit hati ditinggal pacar.


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HдиdЯeèツ ЪЯoWиSouNd♠ said...

Very very like ths post. I feel ths way almost evry hours of my life. Its not funny of being hurted, dissapointed, but we should know, if yesterday we didn't try, we'll never know what gonna happen today! so, don't ever regret bout your 'try' yesterday. Just think, what will you do to make u dont regret what happened today, tomorrow.

ippaparazzi said...

"if yesterday we didn't try, we'll never know what gonna happen today"
oh please, saya sudah muak dengan kaata-kata semacam itu.

icha said...

the ability of dreaming is given to us for we need to dream to move on.
your dream failed you. so what? you're still alive and you can move on. please don't put up that weak ippa..