favourite blogstuffs

here are some of my favourite accessories for bloggy. let's cekidot!
(don't worry, links available)

we can find lots of free cutie animated emoticons there. just pick the category, copy the codes then put into your post. your post will be looked more and moree kawaii :)

Photobucket Photobucket milkysmile PhotobucketmilkysmilePhotobucket

share our current mood with unique hand-drawn mood emoticons.

My Unkymood Punkymood (Unkymoods)

create your own signature then put it on the end of your post. kewl!


well, actually it's not kind of accessories. it's house of templates. simple, but cute enough :)
ex: my current template. hehe

beside using photoshop, you also can create buttons or logos there. it's 100% free!

count how many people who visit your blog, but unfortunately this site using bahasa planet haha
ex: mine (green leaves)

let visitors know & listen to your favourite songs :)

happy blogging, people!

ps:how about your favorite blogstuffs? share, please :)

4 gossip(s):

nindyanindya said...

wah dapet pencerahan saya.

Gogo Caroselle said...

haha ippa aku ketawa2 baca let's cekidot mu.. you are so cute :)

ippaparazzi said...

nindya: semoga bermanfaat ya :)

kak gogo: hahaha kenapa ketawa2 kak? ada yg salah ya? ehehehe

Gie said...

mba yang penghitung visitor itu alamatna nggak valid, padahal aku tertarik nyobain itu . . alamat validna apa mba?