i'm the worst blogger, but who cares?


meet me again, with my alter-ego conversation :)
hey, it's 8.30 pm, and i have nothing to do. i'm not in the mood for books, doing ass, or even texting anybody. so? go online dong ya hehehe. plurk, facebook & blog are still greatest friends for me, wherever & whenever. i love blogwalking, visiting people's blogs & read their corny stories is my hobby. i learn much from them, the way they write inspired me so much & make me feel that i'm the worst blogger ever. poor me! i'm not as creative as them. their blogs are fulled of nice photographs (ofkors taken w/ SLR or lomo camera), great-photoshoped picts, or maybe articles about fashion and combined with their perfect english. and me? hahahaha *laughing to myself* i just write about my friends and my friends and my friends and our activities mixed with my broken english hahahaha forgive-me-for-being-so-uncreative :p
but what else i can do? i love photography, but i don't have SLR/lomo like them. fashion? oh helloo while other teenagers loved to wear Zara clothes, i still alive with my lame-fashion-style: simple clothes with jeans with dekil flat shoes everywhere. naaah forgive-me-again-for-being-so-not-fashionable ;p

how about writing love story, ippa?
oh no thanks :)
i never talk about my so-called love stories here. maybe i need a more-private place for blabbering about this one hahaha pssst this place is quite danger hahaha

this blog is 100% mine, owned by ippa (me). so i write whatever i want to write, share whatever i want to share & thrash my mind out. some of my friends said that my blog is quite inspired them, and they loved staying here. glad to hear that :)
but if you don't enjoy your stay here, simply click your cross button on the right side and don't be back ya! hehehe

go on.
i've just blogwalked on handree's and i found my name on his newest post. hihihihi thankyou brotha you make my day!(lebay). you dont know handree? owkay, i gotta tell you a bit about him. he is American next model! (hoeeeeeeeeek) i've know him for errrr 3 years maybe? he is a multitalented person i think (tulus nih mujinya), good both in photography, writting, and also english.
proud of being his friend deh! (walopun ni orang kadang-kadang *eh sering ding* menjengkelkan gak karuan)
keep being a good listener ya bang! hehehe
nah lo, kok jadi ngemengin tuyul satu ini?

btw, my TI lecturer, Mr.Aris gave assignment to make a blog. i'm so happy because i already have you, my bloggy wkwk
maybe next post i'll post an article about IT (biar keliatan anak ilkom dikit). eh please say hello to some of new members on my 'darlink' list! (riswan, sari, rasyed, renold, yudith, vizar, rifky, yg laen nyusul) ya, they are my classmates and they are newbie here :) asyik asyik rame nih dunia perbloggingan ilkom undip 2009, gara-gara tugas pak aris hahaha
and this is common dialogue on class:
"blogmu alamatnya apa?"
"follow blogku dong!" (maksa)
hahahahaha :D
keep blogging everybody!
awas, ngeblog bikin ketagihan lo :p


4 gossip(s):

HдиdЯeèツ ЪЯoWиSouNd♠ said...

Hahahaha. You guffawing me on this dark and lonely nite (its about 2am, i still in my job!)

u silly!
why did u let people know im an american next top model? (wow!)
i want them know me when they watching my commercials on tv or listen to my album!
(i bet you and all gonna be unconscious after read this hahaha)
but you're really crazy write something about a boy with chimney face like me on your blog! people will be running away.

(i still curious, maybe u use my name to make people come arround to ur blog)
*i bet after unconscious, u'll kill meh! hahaha

you say im good on ENGLISH.
My english is so horrible,

...wait a minute.

HдиdЯeèツ ЪЯoWиSouNd♠ said...


but actually i hate ths post,
how can you say like that?
you don't need to be perfect!
you don't need to be somebody else
you don't need to pretending u love fashion,when u really not
you don't need to!
just write what do you feel!
let it be natural! NO PRETENDING.
I Looove u the way u are *i mean ur post!*
its rily natural,
and do you know? I saved every page on ur blog in my lappy, so if i have a break tym, i read it. it was so fun!
I SWEAR. you can check my lappy if u dont believe me
*i wish it wudnt make u fly to mars, then i'll never see you again. haha*

ure great to be you!
:) thanks fo make my day too

wait wait,
u told that u're not on mood to doing ur ASS?
what will you do with ur ASS?

[if u call me 'tuyul' again, ask ur dad to make a grave behind your house! you'll be there soon. Haha]

iffa said...

hahahaha wow wow i'm laughing out loud when read your long comments hahaha
we've talked about this last night, ryt? ;p
thankyou and thankyou again for your compliments. yes, i'm flying to mars ryt now :D

hana tsurayya said...

iffa keren banget blognyaaaah, hana malah malu ga ada apa2nya dibandingin kamu ehehehee..
lanjukan! ;D